• Published: 2014-09-15
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    Established since May 2004 as the eleventh college of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), the College of Resources and Environment (CRE) currently has totally 30 full-time faculty & staff members which is composed of 8 professors, 12 associate professors and 6 staff members. Dr. QIN Dahe, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), also known as an excellent physical geologist and meteorologist, was engaged as the dean of CRE since 2004.


    Following the running principle of UCAS, CRE constantly attracts excellent scientists all over the world to join the faculty team, and has set up the academic committee with the cooperation of 19 CAS institutes in the research field of resources and environmental sciences. Currently, CRE has an extraordinary outstanding teaching and research team including 24 full-time and more than 160 part-time faculty members from the CAS institutes and other renowned universities, who have deep understanding and active thinking in those cutting edge subjects. Examples of those famous CAS members teaching in CRE are: QIN Dahe, QU Jiuhui, YAO Tandong, LI Xiaowen, LIU Changming, LI Jiachun, LU Dadao, ZHENG Du, TONG Qingxi, JIANG Guibin, etc., who characterized CRE’s teaching and research philosophy with unique academic leadership and charm.


    There are currently four primary academic disciplines in CRE, which are geography, environmental science and engineering, utilization science of agricultural resources and forestry, associated with nine secondary disciplines: physical geography, human geography, cartology and geographical information system, environmental sciences, environmental engineering, pedology, plant nutrition, soil and water conservation and desertification control, and land resource management. More than 80 courses are opened in spring and fall semesters, including 22 compulsory courses, 46 specialized core courses associated with the secondary disciplines, 13 specialized courses, as well as 11 seminars and 8 advanced courses in summer semesters.


    In addition to the teaching and research, CRE is also responsible for the administration of graduates of CAS system, including the student admission, qualification and graduation. In the research field, a number of research projects have been launched which are funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the National High-tech Research and Development Program of China (“863” Program), the National Basic Research Program of China (“973 Program”), CAS Oriental Program and “100-Talent” Program, etc., which fruit more than thirty high level publications every year.


    CRE welcomes peer collaborations in teaching and research all over the world!