Students of Class 806 Share Their Specialty

  • Published: 2012-04-17
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Class 806 of CRE ceremoniously held a specialty exchanging meeting at room 306 of multifunctional building at 6 pm on February 20. Students brought out their specialty to share with others and talked about the new things in their winter vacation.

At the beginning of the exchanging meeting, SUN Fengyun, the class monitor, introduced a new staff, Ms. WANG Cuicui who will supervise the class. Ms. WANG firstly gave the best wishes to all the students and encouraged them to make progress. Then, she reminded the student to pay more attention to security and psychological health in the new semester, and encouraged students to do more exercises and make more social communications with each other.

After the talk of Ms. WANG, students introduced and shared their specialty one by one. In a moment, there were many specialties on the table all over China including filberts and pine nuts from Jilin province, crisp garden stuff from Shandong province, grilled fish from Dandong in Liaoning province, cumquats from Guangxi province, apples from Gansu province, cheese from Inner Mongolia and Tamarind Pulp from Yunnan province. These specialties were in different shapes and tastes. Some of them were bought from supermarket, some were made by hands. Students tasted happily and most of them said “it is a real treat!”. After the introduction of specialties, students carried on a singing competition accompanied by the delicious specialties tasting.

The whole meeting was in a lively atmosphere with laughter and singing. At the same time, the meeting gave an opportunity for students to show themselves. Students not only had understood the customs, but enhanced the friendship between each other. They are all looking forward to more informative and interesting class activities!