Geographic Information System (GIS) and Applications

  • Published: 2012-05-02
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GIS division emphasizes on both geospatial techniques such as geo-sensor data collection, precise point positioning with GNSS, geo-processing and geospatial analysis, multidimensional data visualization and their applications in field survey, environmental modeling and resource management. The development on these aspects takes full advantage of an integrated solution of open source and proprietary geospatial toolkits based on open interoperability standards. Recent research topics and grant-in-aids from three faculty members include "visual mining methods of multidimensional spatial information" and "geo-processing workflow of WebGIS" supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, "generating a routable road map from vehicle GPS traces" by Knowledge Innovation Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, "dynamic decision supporting system for coal-bed gas surface gathering" and “3D Pollution Diffusion Simulation System For Three Gorges Reservoir Basin” by National Science and Technology Major Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.


Artificial Weather Warning System


CBM Surface Gathering Manage System


Software of Water Eco-functional Regionalization


3D Pollution Diffusion Simulation System for Three Gorges Reservoir Basin


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