Remote Sensing and Applications

  • Published: 2012-04-27
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    Based on the knowledge of geographic science, and by the technical means of remote sensing and relative study areas, the research on mechanism, theory and method of remote sensing and their applications in natural resource survey, dynamic monitoring and management of environment and disasters are carried out. Now, the main projects involved are: study on land surface parameters integrated retrieval based on the spatial and temporal knowledge, National 973 project; quantitative retrieval technology of land surface temperature by thermal infrared hyperspectral data, National 863 plans project; research of inversing land surface temperature and emissivity using satellite thermal infrared hyperspectral data, the National Natural Science Fund Project; research of LIDAR Data Processing and Demonstration, international cooperation key project of Chinese Academy of Sciences; soil moisture retrieval and water balance simulation by optical remote sensing data in Qinghai – Tibet Plateau, China-EU cooperation in science and technology special; soil moisture retrieval in drainage basin scale by remote sensing, Knowledge innovation project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences etc.





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