Atmospheric Environment and Health Impacts

  • Published: 2012-04-17
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Our study on atmospheric science aims to explore the source, transportation, transformation and fate of pollutants in atmosphere, as well as the associated health outcomes induced by air pollution, using physical, chemical, biological, and some other advanced analysis and monitoring methods.Three major research fields are conducted currently focusing on atmospheric chemistry, environmental monitoring instrument development and environmental health study. Ongoing projects include some National Natural Science Foundation projects, “Role of Bioaerosols in Ice Nuclei Freezing Processes” and “Characteristics of Bioaerosols in Atmosphere Precipitation”, a Strategic Projects of Chinese Academy of Sciences CAS,“Development of New Remote Sensing Detector Appliedon Aerosol Profiles and Anthropogenic Source Proportion Assessment”, a “100-talent program” of CAS, “Performance of Atmospheric Reactive Oxygen Species and Their Health Impacts”, as well as an International Academic Program (IAP) cooperated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Minnesota, “Health Outcomes by Indoor Biomass Combustion Sources”, etc.

Atmospheric Monitoring

Atmospheric Fine Aerosol (PM2.5) Monitoring (Shenzhen, 2011)
Ice Nuclei
Experiment of Ice Nuclei Freezing
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