Agricultural Resources and Environment

  • Published: 2012-04-17
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Team’s research programs are always focused on the basic theory research and new technologies and methods in agricultural resources sustainable utilization. Currently, research focuses on the following fields: Soil pollution and remediation, Soil fertility evolution and environmental effect, Control migration of nitrogen and phosphorus in soil, Decentralized domestic sewage treatment with nutrient recovery, Agricultural solid waste pollution control and nutrients reuse, Soil environment and the agricultural product quality safety etc. Altogether undertakes scientific research project 14 items, among National Natural Science Fund Project 5 items (Study on bioaccessibility of lead in contaminated soil and it's risk to human health, Assessment of lead bioavailability in vegetables with an in vitro digestion-Caco-2 cell culture method, Sulfur-induced microbial and abiotic dechlorination of chlorinated organic compounds in soils, Chemical behaviors of sulfur in rhizosphere of rice and its influence on uptake of heavy metals in rice, Speciation and bioavailability of sulfur in calcareous soils); among National Science and Technology Support Program 3 items (Research and development of key equipments for decentralized sewage collection and pretreatment for meeting the demand in rural region, Research and development of key technologies of control pollution in rural region, Integrating control of pollutants from decentralized duck breeding in Baiyangdian); among the Knowledge Innovation Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 3 items (Fate of antibiotics from decentralized duck breeding and ecological effects in Baiyangdian, Bioavailability of heavy metals in animal waste and its regulation; ecological cultivation and fertilization for vegetable at greenhouse); among 863 Project 3 items (Phytoremediation combined with permeable reactive barrier for the remediation of heavy metals-contaminated soil; Migration of nitrogen and phosphorus in soil at vegetable fields at Taihu lake region; Integrated control of pollutants from non-pointed sewage at suburban region).
Phytoremediation Experiments in Greenhouse
Experiment of Effect of Plant on Free Metal Ion Concentrations
Organic Fertilizer Production Process Based on Sludge Fermentation
Sewage Collection - Treatment - Reuse Process for Village and Town Area
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