Seminar of Ecologists on May 3rd 2012

  • Published: 2012-05-11
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    On May 3, 2012, Dr. Paul Kardol from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Dr. Shiqiang Wan from HeNan University, visited the CREGraduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Shiqiang Wan gave a presentation entitled "Climate Change and Temperate Steppe: Perspectives of Manipulative Experiments" and then Dr. Paul Kardol gave a presentation entitled "Linkages between plant and soil communities: ecosystem dynamics under changing environmental conditions".

    Dr. Niu Hai-Shan hosted the presentation. Many famous researchers in China took part in this presentation including Prof. Wang Yan-Fen, Cui Xiao-Yong, and Hao Yan-Bin from college of life science, and Prof. Wang Shi-Ping from the institute of Tibetan Plateau, CAS.