Environmental Chemistry of Soil

  • Published: 2015-11-06
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Name:Environmental Chemistry of Soil
Instructor:HU Zhengyi
Course Description:
Chapter 1: The composition and properties of soil
Chapter 2: The environmental significance of soil
Chapter 3: Soil element background value and load capacity of soil
Chapter 4: The soil pollution and soil degradation
Chapter 5: Chemical behavior of heavy metal elements in soil
Chapter 6: Chemical behavior of radioactive elements in soil
Chapter 7: Chemical behavior of organic pollutants in soil
Chapter 8: Chemical behavior of other contaminants (F, Al, etc.) in soil
Chapter 9: Chemical behavior of pollutants at Rhizosphere
Chapter 10: Transformation of pollutants in the soil - plant system
Chapter 11: Migration of pollutants in the soil - water system

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