Remote Sensing Image Processing

  • Published: 2015-11-06
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Name:Remote Sensing Image Processing
Instructor:JIANG Xiaoguang
Course Description:

This 40 hour course aims to give students an understanding of the basic theory and method of remote sensing image processing, mainly including the introduction to digital image processing, the radiation correction of remote sensing image, the geometric correction and mosaic of remote sensing image, remote sensing Image enhancement, image operation, image transform, multi-sensor data fusion, and remote sensing image information extraction etc. By the end of course, through the theory study and practical training exercises, students will gain useful knowledge not only in theory, but also in actual operation, which is helpful both for their future study and research. Exam will be taken at the end of course. Students will gain scores on the basis of the academic record of their homework and the final exam.


DAI Changda, JIANG Xiaoguang, TANG Lingli, Application Processing and Analysis of Remote Sensing Images, Press of Qinghua University, Beijing 2004.

MAI Anxin, Introduction to Remote Sensing, Higher Education Press, Beijing 2001.