Landscape Ecology: Principles and Applications

  • Published: 2015-11-06
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Name:Landscape Ecology: Principles and Applications
Instructor:ZHANG Na
Course Description:
This 40 hour course aims to give students an understanding of some key themes in landscape pattern, process and change, with particular emphasis on principles and applications of landscape ecology. The course prerequisites include course work in ecology or natural geography, etc. By the end of course, students will gain advanced understanding of the basic concepts and theories, and be enlightened by some practice cases.  Also, students will learn the study meanings, contents, methods, and the newest advances of some key scientific issues in current international landscape ecology.  The course will be a mixture of lectures, directed readings, discussions and student’s presentations which will cover different topics about methods and applications in landscape ecology. Exam will be taken at the end of course. Students will gain scores from their class performance, written reports, oral presentation and final exam.

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