Laboratory of Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry

  • Published: 2012-04-27
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The laboratory of atmospheric environmental chemistry was established in 2010. It currently possesses many apparatus for sample pretreatment, such as Ultra-Pure Water System, Ultrasonic Washer, Shaker, Muffle Furnace, Dryer, Rotatory Evaporator, Clean Bench, etc. In addition, many analytical instruments will be purchased for characterization and speciation analyses of aerosol compositions, such as organic matter, water soluble ions, metallic elements, and so on. Furthermore, the room for cell culture will be built for investigation on the health effect of aerosols.

The objective of the group of atmospheric environmental chemistry is to study complex process of air pollution. Our research focuses on the mechanism of pollutant transformation and source apportionment of aerosols and its health effect to provide theoretical and technical supports for the goal of air pollution control.


Operation Areas for Sample Pretreatment



Nitrogen Blowing Concentrator



Developed PM2.5 Sampler (GUCAS1.0)






Constructing Aerosol Samplers



Aerosol Samples



Lab Technician/Assistant Professor: ZHANG Yang

Tel: +86-10-88256365